Shore Excursions

We are a Business to Business organisation. Please note we do not work direct with the public; we deal only with cruise line owners and charterers.


We design, plan and implement wonderful shore excursions from every port in the British Isles. Involving local communities and engaging with the best in each region, we continually refresh your portfolio in order to ensure your visiting cruise guests gain true “Destination insight”.

We pride ourselves on “Insider access” – getting behind the scenes; ensuring “Hands-on” experiences; the tastes, smells and sounds!

Something for all audiences

The UK boasts over 30 local dialects evolved over thousands of years of history. We have a similar number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Only 5% of the country has been built upon! Vast swathes of the UK are designated “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty” where extraordinary landscapes abundant with wildlife are easily accessible.

We are a nation of Gardeners! And the place is crammed with Archaeology, history, Palaces, Castles and Cathedrals!

We also take great pride in our local produce, home crafted delicacies and lovingly brewed and distilled beverages. Each “Local dialect” demands its own unique brand or blend of each of these.

And then there’s always the Pomp and Ceremony!

So…there’s a lot to do here! It is our pleasure to help you share it with your guests.

Excursions Ltd has experience of handling ships of every size in over 100 ports around the UK and is a member of:

We are a member of Travelife and we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with international sustainability standards.  

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"Excursions Ltd is Windstar Cruises' trusted partner in The British Isles. They manage all of our turnaround operations, shore excursions as well as any special events throughout the UK. We have built a close working relationship and they have been with us through every step as we grow our product throughout the region..."

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